About Ulrike

Calling of the heart

When our head rules our heart we often live our lives way under our potential. We feel exhausted and rushed through our daily activities.
Far from leading our lives in terms of being in control we jump from one demand to the other. We believe we know a lot about ourselves. Often we are convinced that we are not allowed to do certain things or we are unable to do or achieve them.

By following our heart we all know what we really want and who we really are. Maybe it will take some time to hear the song of your heart again and to listen to it.
It is always worth the effort because this life is at stake.

I invite you on a journey to awaken your personal abilities: Discover your strength, connect to your core and guide your life from here. Be the leader in your life, take control of all the aspects of your life and start thriving.


Ulrike LauterbachFrau Hintz (7b)

Relaxation Therapist

Certified Trainer for Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Certified Alignment Yoga Teacher

Quantum Angel Healing® 1 + 2
Quantum Angel Children

Certified Realm Reader ™
Certified Angel Card Reader ™
Certified Fairyologist

Animal Communication

Bach Flower Remedies
Schuessler Cell Salts / Biochemic Tissue Salts

a range of alternative and energetic healing methods