Crystal Body Concept

The Crystal Body Concept  – the next step on our way to a crystalline body

On our path into the New Age there are many challenges for us and our physical body. Many of you may have already heard about the physical expansion of DNA from 2 to multiple strings. Our understanding of the body‘s whole system is changing now.
Therefore not only are awareness and the healing of our heart important for our personal development. Many physical, emotional and spiritual aspects need to be recognised and integrated into our consciousness as well.
The Crystal Body Concept offers you a variety of techniques to help, guide and support you on your personal path.


Crystal Body Clearing

In this guided meditation you will find deep and very personal access to your true self. You will be able to clean your body system until it is as bright and clear as crystal. Softly and easily you learn about what kept you from thriving. It will be easy for you to transform karmic blocks, past-life trauma and patterns you inherited from your parents and ancestors. Heal your heart and grow into the best version of yourself. Move towards your dreams.
The Crystal Body Clearing paves the way to your dream, are you going to take that path?


Crystal Body Healing

With Crystal Body Healing you will get an intuitive and intense energy treatment for any kind of psychological or physical problem. This healing method is also very effective with athrosis, joint- or backpain, fresh wounds, warts and scars.
With my hands on treatment blocks can be found and released. With my support you will discover and heal the cause of your physical problem.
During the healing session you will always be safe and protected. After the treatment you will feel relaxed and strong, ready to address your daily life with a new perspective. A session takes about one hour and can be done as one on one session or on the telephone.

Crystal Body Coaching

Every change in life starts with a decision. This leads you into a process which calls for attention, time and practice. Usually that is the moment where we silently fall back into our old patterns.
In Crystal Body Coaching I will assist you in implementing the desired changes in your life so they can become the new pattern. We will find appropriate strategies and solutions to meet your needs.

Personal coaching does not follow a schedule and we build every session on the recent experiences. This is “your time” and it is set to offer your highest personal benefit.


Crystal Body Deep Relaxation

Just relax and let go. Indulge yourself in an energetic treatment and the soothing sound of music.