For the Warrior of Light, there is no such thing as an impossible love.

(Paulo Coelho, Manual of the Warrior of Light)


We often fall in love with the potentials of our special someone. We love his soul, his light and the beauty that sparkles when he relaxes and allows us to see his true being. These moments are very special and it is so easy to fall in love with the light.
But let’s be honest. We know that we have this light within ourselves as well. And we know how difficult it is to maintain this light in our daily life. Although we try to be open and clear and aware of our true selves we lose connection to our own sparkle in our all day routine. We are just human. And we act out like humans. So they do. Although we have seen their light and true beauty. Although we can see what they could be.
Is it really fair to judge someone for his decision to develop the capacities he chooses in his own pace? Do we want to be judged for working on this and not working on that simultaneously? If you cannot be with the person that is standing in front of you right now, walk away. Maybe you will meet again later. Maybe not. Just be kind to yourself and the other one. You are both on your way. Share kindness and peace with a beloved soul whether you share a life or not.

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